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Why this site

In searching for information on dividend stocks, it can be hard to find a straightforward and comprehensive list of options. This site seeks to remedy that, and in so doing, make selecting the appropriate dividend stocks for your clients' portfolios a little easier.

How to use this site

The key goal of this site is to assist in the discovery and qualification of dividend paying stocks. While the site contains accurate and up-to-date information, it is always prudent to do additional research before selecting stocks to purchase.

Important information

This site only tracks US-based dividend stocks with monthly and quarterly payouts.

This site updates its database once daily.


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This site does not give any financial advice, nor is it responsible for any actions taken by its users. Any trades, transactions, or financial dealings that users engage in are entirely their own responsibility. While Dividend List strives to be an accurate and useful resource, it will not be held liable for any innacurate information posted on this site or any related services. In using this service, users agree to these terms.